Tuesday, June 22, 2010


July Issue
Hot summer trends


Anonymous said...

I like it :)
It's great. Mia, or should i say, Maria, yau are very talanted :)
How do u know English so good and how old are u? :)
It was really interesting to read a story about you :)
Will you put another story about you in the next issue?

Please answer.

Your reader :D

Mia Antidote said...

Sure you can say Mia (;
I know English so good because I started learning it at kindergarten and When I started going to school i was perfect at it, so that's why (:
I'm 17, Of course I can put another story about myself in the next issue (:

Anonymous said...

it's great (:
can't stop reading it!! haha.
wich photoshop you use??

Mia Antidote said...